Legal information, disclaimers and disclosures

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In the interest of transparency, you'll find my policies on liability, advertising, affiliate links and privacy below.

The short version is:

  • I offer no guarantees for code or information on this blog.
  • I do not accept sponsored posts.
  • I do not accept paid links.
  • I may profit from your visit to this site.
  • I do not track you.


Code and information on this blog is provided as-is, without warranty or guarantee.

I make no claims of quality or correctness.

You should not use any code I've written when it could result in harm or financial damage.

If you use the code on this blog in any way, you do so at your own risk.

Sponsored posts

I do not accept sponsored posts.

Please stop asking.

Text-link advertising

I do not accept paid links.

By paid advertising, I mean the requests I get all the time like this:

Dear Matt,

I'm a manager of some custom writing services
which provide students with custom written essays
and research papers.

I would like you to place a text link at homepage
or inner pages of your website.

Please provide me with rates for 6 months and 12
months for link placement.

Waiting for your soon reply.


[Yes, this was an actual request.]

Please stop asking.


This blog does generate revenue, but I don't blog to make money.

I blog to share and to inspire.

All proceeds have always gone to supporting medical care and research for my son. We pay physical and occupational therapy students to work with him for three hours every day, and we fund cutting-edge research for a treatment/cure.

Even so, I don't care if people access the articles in such a way that it blocks payment to me.

You're free to do so if you wish.

The money I earn on this blog comes primarily from three sources: sales, advertising and affiliate links.


I make money off print sales of The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D.


My site contains two (of three allowable) Google ads on every page.

I don't mind if you use an ad blocker to get rid of them.

Affiliate links

If you click on a product link on this site, particularly one to amazon, then I will receive a fee (or a coupon) if you make a purchase.

I don't mind if you strip the tag code out of the link to avoid giving a referral fee to me.

Privacy policy

I use Google Analytics to track readership of this blog.

Google analytics does not track at the granularity of individual users, so I don't know if you personally are reading my blog or not.

I don't mind if you use a Google Analytics blocker or disable javascript to avoid being counted in the statistics.


Please feel free to contact me directly with questions or concerns.